Quilts With A Twist

Store-temporaily closed, please see the note below

Wholesale-temporaily closed, please see the note below

Lisa Moore
PO Box 2943
Sitka, Alaska


Lisa is on vacation!
The store is closed from Jan 9 through Feb 7. Lisa and Dave are in New Zealand.
If you need to contact, you can text message only:  (907) 738-3614 or email moorelisa@aol.com

Shipping Info

I attended a seminar at quilt market for online sales and found out that the #1 feature that customers look at while online shopping is the cost of shipping. I am very sensitive to being overcharged for shipping (you won't believe what some people charge to ship anything to Alaska - you'd think that it is a foreign country). I charge only the cost to ship via the post office, which is our cheapest way to ship. If the weight is less than 13 oz, I ship via first class mail. For more than 13 oz, I ship via priority mail flat rate (envelopes, and boxes). There is no handling fee. If the difference between the actual cost and that charged for shipping exceeds 25 cents, you will be issued a refund of the difference.


If you are not satisfied, you can return your purchase for a refund of the purchase price (sorry, not the shipping). If you have a problem understanding a pattern, help is just an email or phone call away.

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